Приглашаем принять участие в работе секции «Urban STS and Post-Socialist Cities» в рамках международной конференции Европейской ассоциации исследований науки и техники (Барселона, 31 августа — 3 сентября 2016 г.). Секцию организует Андрей Кузнецов,  научный сотрудник PAST-центра. Срок подачи заявок — 21 февраля.

STS is «conquering» not only new research fields (urban studies) but also new geographical territories (Post-Socialist countries). Both expansions imply theoretical as well as practical challenges for STS. The purpose of the track is to bring together scholars from Eastern Europe and ex-USSR so as to discuss a state of art in STS research of Post-Socialist cities. Firstly we would like to think over some general theoretical concerns that spring up at the intersection of STS and urban studies. How classical STS concepts and approaches should be modified while studying urban environment? What STS could suggest urban studies and vice versa? Does scholars still find the metaphor of assemblage theoretically productive?

Secondly participants are invited to discuss some challenges that are supposedly more peculiar to Post-Socialist world. What STS has to do (if at all) with Post-Socialism and Post-Socialist studies? Does Post-Socialist spaces, infrastructues, collectives constitute some theoretical or practical challenges for urban STS? While in the West mainstream critical urbanism is the main rival of STS, in many parts of Post-Socialist world it is still in nascent state. What are the prospects of STS in post-socialist countries in the absence of its main theoretical rival?

Finally participants are encouraged to bring their own concerns and questions on STS research of Post-Socialist cities.

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